Harsh Wadhwa


I am a dedicated Software Development Engineer with expertise in various technologies and frameworks. I have worked with React, Express, Java Spring, NextJs, SQL and more.


SDE-1 @ Aumhum

July 2023 - Today

● Developed RESTful APIs using Java Spring Framework, along with data retrieval and manipulation using SQL queries with MongoDB.
● Pioneered the development of a comprehensive real-time video communication feature by implementing a React and Express based project from scratch, leveraging Typescript, Redux, Tailwind, Material UI, styled components, and Agora engine. The initiative resulted in a groundbreaking 40% increase in user engagement.
● Solved React CRA search indexing problem by using Cloud Functions on Firebase Hosting to serve dynamic content to bots, and increasing traffic on application by 200% (src. google analytics)
● Engineered a seamless booking process, from slot selection to payment, leveraging Razorpay and Stripe, resulting in a 60% reduction in checkout time and a 30% increase in conversion rate.
● Optimized performance of legacy code by implementing Memoization, React hooks, and utilizing devtools like Craco, Profiler, and Lighthouse, resulting in 10% improvement in application load times.

SDE Intern @ Aumhum

Jan 2023 - Jun 2023

● Developed user onboarding flow using Google’s Identity platform, contributing to expansion of user base by 30%, along with integration of google analytics.
● Developed various immersive features of the web application like media playback, journaling, and leaderboards.


• Java
• Spring Boot
• Typescript
• Express
• MongoDB
• Firebase
• React
• Javascript
• NodeJS
• Python
• Django
• Git


Bachelor of Technology @ NIIT University

2019 - 2023